Gas Detection

Fixed Type Gas Detectors

A fixed gas detection system permanently monitors the work environment for possible gas hazards, ensuring maximum safety. Even the smallest gas leak will trigger an alarm to enable action to be taken. More than 500 different gases and vapours can be monitored with GfG fixed systems.
A fixed system consists of a transmitter and controller. These controllers can be connected as single-channel systems for just 1 transmitter, up to 16-channels for 1 controller – or with a rack mounted system as many transmitters as are required.

  • EC22 and EC28 transmitters for O2 and toxic gases - Download Brochure
  • CC22 and CC28 transmitters for combustible gases - Download Brochure
  • IR29 infrared gas transmitters - Download Brochure
  • GMA200-MW wall-mount controller - Download Brochure
  • GMA200-MT rail-mount controller - Download Brochure