Climatic Test Instruments

Sound & Light

HD2110L Integrated Sound Level Meter
Professional sound level meter with class 1 specification with 1/1 and 1/3 octave band analyzer and top of the range specifications.
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HD8701 Compact Sound Level Meter
Compact sound level meter with detachable microphone and carrying case.
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HD2102 Photo-Radiometer
Professional light meter with various sensors for radiometery, radiance, irradiance, UV A, UV B, UV C, PAR and more.
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HD30.1 Spectro-Radiometer
ُpectral analysis of light in the visible range and ultraviolet and it may be of your interest for LED/LightSources quality analysis. The instrument has been designed by combining maximum flexibility, cost reduction and ease of use. The sensor coded HD30.S1 analyzes the visible spectral range (380nm-780nm) and calculates the following photo-colorimetric quantities: Illuminance [lux], Correlated Color Temperature CCT [K], Trichromatic Coordinates CRI (color rendering index, R1…R14, Ra), PAR [μmolfot/sm2]. The sensor coded HD30.S2 analyzes the ultraviolet spectral band (220 nm-400 nm) and calculates the following radiometric quantities: UVA irradiance (W / m2), UVB irradiance (W / m2) UVC irradiation (W / m2)
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